Call of Duty: Warzone has banned a staggering number of cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone has turned into one of the more popular royale games around, but that popularity comes with some drawbacks for the playerbase at large. We're talking, of course, about cheaters, and free-to-play battle royale games seem to swarming with them. While the problem of cheaters in free-to-play games probably won't ever be truly solved, Warzone devs have now shared some details on just how many cheaters have been over the course of Warzone's existence.

In a tweet shared last week, Raven Software added 30,000 more accounts to its tally of banned players. That's enough to push the total number of banned players over the half-million mark, with Raven Software confirming that it has now banned more than 500,000 accounts over Warzone's lifetime.

Raven didn't share more details about the accounts that were banned or what, specifically, they were banned for, but there's likely a good reason for that. After all, if Raven's goal is to reduce the number of cheaters in Warzone, publicizing cheating methods or other exploits quickly becomes counterintuitive.

Hitting half a million cheaters banned is a pretty impressive milestone, particularly when you consider that it was only back in February that Raven was reporting 300,000 accounts banned. These anti-cheating efforts aren't just limited to Warzone either, with Raven and other Call of Duty developers under the Activision umbrella extending them to Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare as well.

With February's announcement, Raven committed to sharing regular updates on the progress it's making against cheaters, so it probably won't be long before we hear about the next wave of cheaters that's been hit with the banhammer.