Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Day One Patch Is A Big One

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is officially here, and like a lot of games these days, Infinity Ward has shipped a day-one patch to go along with it. Infinity Ward has detailed the contents of this update, and it seems to fix a lot of issues that players experienced in the beta. While it ships a lot of fixes for all platforms, it also has a decent number that are PC-specific.

You can check out Infinity Ward's full patch notes over on the Modern Warfare subreddit, but some of the big PC-specific changes include the addition of HDR support and NVIDIA Highlight support in multiplayer. Infinity Ward has also fixed an issue that reverted FOV settings to default when loading into a match, and has smoothed out ADS transition animations when playing at a high frame rate.

As far as the changes affecting all platforms are concerned, core multiplayer modes have received a fix that prevents players from spawning on enemies. Though Infinity Ward says that this only happened in "edge cases," that was probably a big headache for players when it did happen. Another big change involves Infinity Ward improving spawn logic and increasing the number of spawn points to give players more options, something that it says it will continue to monitor (and change, if need be) on a map-by-map basis.

Modern Warfare's Ground War mode is also getting a significant number of changes, as players can now spawn on squadmates who are riding in vehicles. Infinity Ward has also improved safety checking when you're spawning on squadmates, noting that while that can still be a dangerous thing to attempt, the UI will now warn you of that.

Those are some of the biggest changes made to Modern Warfare as it launches, but there are plenty more to be found in the patch notes linked above. Modern Warfare should be a particularly interesting release in the Call of Duty series, because Activision and Infinity Ward have said that the game won't employ loot boxes, using battle passes for post-launch monetization instead. We'll see how that pans out, so stay tuned.