Call of Duty Elite Service Closed Beta Taking Applications Now

The much anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is just a week away from an unveiling at the E3 2011 game developer conference. A new service called Call of Duty Elite is being developed that will bring a whole suite of social networking features to the new game as well as to its Black Ops predecessor. The beta version of the service is now ready for testing.

Activision has just begun inviting gamers to apply for the closed beta testing, which is set to start later this summer. The Call of Duty Elite is said to enrich the multiplayer experience but few details have been revealed about the service. However, it's believed that the service will likely carry a monthly subscription fee that's rumored to be $7.99 or less.

A few things that Activision does confirm about Elite is that gamers do not have to subscribe to the service in order to play Call of Duty. Elite also will not be charging for multiplayer gaming. Some free features will include a Facebook-like social networking service called Groups. To get a first look at the upcoming Elite service, you can apply here.

[via PC Gamer]