Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Heist Mode detailed: everything you need to know

Over the weekend, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta players got access to a new game mode called Heist. Treyarch introduced the new mode on Saturday, making it available alongside the other six game modes until yesterday August 13. Though the chance to play it is over (for now), the details remain, letting buyers know what they're in for when the game officially arrives this upcoming October.

According to Treyarch, Heist brings an entirely new play style to the Black Ops series, one that involves teamwork and unique strategizing. How does it work? Each team in Heist has the same objective: get a bag of cash and deliver it to a helicopter that is waiting at a specific extraction point.

Each player has only one life in each round, but it's not instant death — you'll get to rejoin the action if a team member manages to revive you. Each round is three minutes in duration, and the win goes to whichever team manages to win four rounds first. Of course, it's not as simple as it sounds.

Heist doesn't feature any Specialist weapons, nor does it have Create a Class. Rather, players get cash each round and can spend those funds on buying new weapons to use in upcoming rounds, as well as upgrades, Scorestreaks, and other equipment.

This is similar to how it works in the long running Zombies game, where players start out with only a simple weapon, racking up points during each rounds, then spending them to buy weapons available in parts of the map. This doesn't involve real world money.

Assuming a player purchases an item but doesn't use it, it'll still be available when the next round starts. There are a couple exceptions to the rollover, though — ammo doesn't persist into the next round, nor do health packs. As well, Armor damage also rolls over into the next round, further straining in-game finances.

SOURCE: Treyarch