Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tipped to get zombie mode

One of the coolest things about Call of Duty: World at War game back in the day was that the game brought with it the first zombies mode in a CoD game. Those zombies were scary and the mode quickly became one of the most popular modes for gamers around the world. A video trailer has leaked that is supposedly showing off a new zombie mode that will land with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The trailer isn't gameplay video, rather it is a CGI video showing a first person view of a soldier walking into a prison that is filled with zombies. These aren't the slow plodding zombies from The Walking Dead. The zombies in this trailer are very fast moving and the entire thing has a bit of World War Z feel.

The video first turned up on Reddit, where it was taken down quickly. The good news is that the video was up long enough for people to have posted it elsewhere. Some of the videos are still being taken down, but if you want to see the trailer, the YouTube video here worked at the time of writing.

Activision has offered no official confirmation that a zombie mode will come to Advanced Warfare. The soldiers in the trailer are definitely wearing EXO-suits, and we are hoping that this is the real deal. Check out the trailer below while it's still up.

SOURCE: Eurogamer