California Considering Ad-Based Electronic License Plates

Are you a fan of advertisements? Do you like to be assaulted by them every chance you can? Wish you could have more in your life? Then hopefully you live in California, and have your fingers crossed that legislation there gets to have their own wildest dreams made into reality. Why? Because they want to bring electronic license plates into the real world, but not just to be the next step into the future. Oh, no. California still needs money, and ads are the best way to make that happen!

No, you won't be watching a movie trailer while you're following someone on the Interstate. When cars are in motion, the license plates would appear to be just like any other license plate out there. However, if you stop for 4 seconds or more, whether that means at a light or in traffic, the plate would turn into its own digital advertisement. As for the plate's identifying numbers? They'd apparently still be visible, at the corner of the plate.

While ads would mean more money for California, thankfully they've got more of an agenda than that, too. The plates would be also used to show Amber alerts, updated traffic information for where you are, or even emergency instructions if the situation calls for it. There's a 3-person start-up company, called Smart Plate, working on the technology right now, but as of right now it's just a matter of time. It's already passed the State Senate, and now it's before the Assembly. So, basically start counting the days until you get to see your favorite commercial on the car in front of you.

[via Hot Hardware]