Cadillac Converj concept car to hit dealers as Cadillac ELR

One of the things I really like about car show season at the major shows around the world is that we get to see some cool concept cars. One of the cool green concepts that made its way around many major car shows from GM was called the Cadillac Converj concept. The concept was a luxury coupe that used extended range electric tech for motivation.

GM has announced that the car will be going into production as the Cadillac ELR. At this point Caddy isn't offering up any details on the performance of the ELR, pricing, or when the car will be coming to dealers. The ELR will use an electric drive system that has a T-shaped lithium ion battery, and electric drive unit, and a four-cylinder engine-generator. Electricity is the primary drive source and when the battery is low, the extended range mode kicks in with the motor-generator charging the battery to allow driving.

The car sounds a lot like the Cadillac version of the Chevrolet Volt. The ELR is a 2+2 vehicle and the design of the Converj concept wasn't that out there for a concept vehicle. The bodylines of the Converj remind me a lot of the new CTS from Cadillac. I hope that the car that rolls off the assembly line looks a lot like the Converj.