CableCards approved Panasonic, tru2way HDTVs coming for holiday

Have you ever been lied to and ignored by cable service provider when asked to gather CableCARD installation on your HTDV or Set-Top box? They sure have interesting ways and unheard of excuses to avoid the topic. If you are new to CableCARD and insist of its service, they'll probably throw you the technicality or excuse of system incompatibility, and then push the company's HDTV tuner instead. What they hardly explain to customers is the current CableCards' inabilities only miss the costly and no good subscription of VOD premium movie services. You are more than fine unless you live in a few unfortunate cities that employing SDV on HD channels. All these hassles with CardCARDS will soon to change with tru2Way.

With tru2way, your display is not longer required an outboard set-top box from cable provider. It's built from the ground up to support interactive and full duplex contents like Switched digital video, video-on-demand and pay-per-view channels.

CableLabs has quietly stamped the seal of approval on two tru2way HDTVs from Panasonic. The company has not revealed the model of the displays but has officially acknowledged the certification and will roll out a 42-inch and 50-inch tru2way HDTVs coming this holiday season. It's more likely the same 50-inch Viera PZ80Q displayed at CEDIA 2008, and it will be the first tru2way enabled display in the retail.