Cabernet Couch and Rhine Reading Lamp

Vincent Nguyen - Jul 26, 2006

The Cabernet couch is one unique looking piece of furniture made from 33 empty Cabernet jugs and a vintage corduroy futon mattress.  It’s a sweet looking furniture and all, but will it hold up to those special moments you share with your companion?  Is there a weight restriction in the even that you may have a friend or family that’s slightly overweight?  Yep, these are all very important questions that require answers.

On the other hand, nothing sets the right mood for those special moments than the right lighting.  The Rhine Reading Lamp is a perfect match to the Cabernet couch, resting nicely on the side-table giving you the light you need for whatever you’re reading.  It’s made from a half empty Carlo Rossi Rhine wine jug and rudimentary wiring.

Rhine Reading Lamp

Designer: Carlo Rossi [via Yanko Design]

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