C13Features will make fictional podcasts styled after theatrical movies

Podcasting company Cadence13, which produces, publishes, and distributes a large number of notable audio shows, is launching a new brand called C13Features that aims to offer the equivalent of movies in audio format. The move comes amid the growing popularity of podcast shows, something that has also triggered notable deals including Marvel's decision to bring some of its biggest superheroes to audio.

Podcasts aren't a new thing, but they've experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, spurring the rise of many popular audio-based shows. As this popularity grew, so did renewed interest in serialized fiction podcasts, as well as dramatized audiobooks — the kind that includes multiple voice actors and sound effects, such as Audible's Alien originals.

It was inevitable that someone would step forward to merge the two, combining the dramatization of audiobooks with the serialized nature of fictional podcasts. Here's to get a jump on that market is C13Features, the new brand from podcasting company Cadence13, according to Variety.

These new types of podcasts will range in length from one-and-a-half to two hours, according to the report, which is about the same length as a theatrical movie. Rather than presenting the fictional story in bite-sized pieces (that is, in individual episodes), the entire piece will be contained in a single podcast episode.

Fans are promised stories that feature something akin to a 'movie arc,' including a proper beginning, middle, and end. Actors and 'movie stars' will be brought in to voice these audio roles, while various talent — including existing film directors — may be brought in to create and direct the shows. C13Features plans audio 'movies' across many genres, including comedy, thrillers, dramas, and more. It's unclear how long it may be before the company releases its first production under the new brand.