C-motech shows off U-301 3G/4G modem at MWC

The only WiMax installations in America are from Sprint and Clearwire. The two firms have 4G WiMax in place in some of the large cities around the country and are looking to have more cities online this year and next year. Most companies in the US are betting on LTE rather than WiMax, but WiMax is here now even if it is very limited availability.

A company called C-motech unveiled a new Sprint branded USB modem at MWC that is called the U-301. The modem is a dual-mode unit with 3G and 4G operation. Dual-mode is very important in a WiMax modem because of the limited availability of 4G service. The modem can operate on the standard Sprint CDMA 3G network when 4G isn't available.

The U-301 has a Qualcomm QSC6085 chip for CDMA and a Beceem BCSM250 for WiMax connectivity. The device supports 10Mbps downloads and 4Mbps uploads on 4G networks and 3.1Mbps download, 1.8Mbps uploads on CDMA 3G networks.