Byte rises from the ashes of Vine

It's been more than two years since Twitter decided to shut down Vine, and in the time since then, fans of the looping video service have been on something of an emotional rollercoaster ride. At first, it was merely rumors that Twitter was looking for buyer, but those never ended up panning out. Then, Vine creator Dom Hofmann started teasing a successor to Vine, and that's where things got interesting.

As you might imagine, Hofmann announcing his intention to develop a Vine successor was met with a positive reaction from fans. It was arguably too positive, if such a thing can be, as Hofmann ended up delaying the project back in May. At the time, he said that the original intention was to fund the new service out of his own pocket, but the "larger-than-expected" audience it garnered made that impossible.

It seems that Hofmann has worked out whatever funding and legal issues he was facing back in May, because today, he gave that Vine successor a name: Byte. In a post on Twitter, Hofmann says Byte will be launching at some point in spring 2019. A website for Byte is already live too, and it describes the service as a "a new looping video app by the creator of Vine" while inviting users to sign up for email updates.

Aside from those morsels of information, that's all we know. Though Byte has official Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, they're all empty at the time of this writing. The Byte forums are similarly lacking in details, and they just seem to be the V2 forums that were created when Hofmann said he wanted to make a Vine successor with new branding.

So, we're going to be waiting at least a little while for more information. It seems safe to assume that Byte will function similarly to Vine, but we're particularly interested in learning how the two apps will be different. Stay tuned for more, because we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more information on Byte.