BYD Technologies shows off F3 Plus and Qin cars in Beijing

The Beijing Auto Show has been underway, and a carmaker called BYD Technologies has unveiled some interesting vehicles. The vehicles include the F3 Plus and the dual-mode Qin. The Qin is an efficient dual-mode hybrid vehicle that uses the new BYD Dual Mode II drive train for 7% better efficiency than previous BYD hybrids.

The Qin has 1.5-liter turbocharged engine producing 223 KW of power and 440nm of torque. The coolest of the two vehicles is the F3 Plus and not because of a particularly attractive design or massive engine under the hood. The F3 is so cool because it has Remote Driving Controller technology. This is the first such technology for production vehicles and allows the car driving functions to be performed remotely.

The remote control technology allows the driver to start the car, and control it through forward, reverse, left, and right movement. The company says the technology is intended to allow the driver to maneuver the vehicle into a tight parking space where they wouldn't be able to get out the car. I'm sure the drivers parked around them would really appreciate that.