Buying Final Fantasy VII Remake? Get ready to clear some space on your PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake could very well be one of the most anticipated games of the year, but if you're planning on playing it when it comes out in April, you might need to free up some significant space on your console. An image of the back of the game's Korean retail box has surfaced online, and it's there we learn that the install size of Final Fantasy VII Remake clocks in at a whopping 100GB.

The image was shared on Twitter by user Pixelbuster, and even though it's a very pixelated imaged, you can still make out the requirement of 100GB listed just above the PS4 Pro branding. The fact that the final game install will be 100GB isn't very shocking, considering that Final Fantasy VII Remake itself ships on two Blu-Ray discs, but the point remains: You'll definitely want to check up on your available storage space before attempting to install this game.

It's been a long road for Final Fantasy VII Remake, but one that were almost to end of (at least in regards to first part of this game, which Square Enix plans to split up over multiple releases). First revealed way back in 2015, Square Enix went largely silent for a number of years afterward, only really starting to divulge more significant details after it had shipped other big-name titles like Kingdom Hearts 3.

Originally, Final Fantasy VII Remake was scheduled for release on March 3rd, 2020, but that release date was recently pushed back to April 10th. The game will be a timed exclusive to the PS4 for one year, but so far, Square Enix hasn't said anything about the platforms Final Fantasy VII Remake may launch on once that exclusivity period is up.

In any case, we'll probably see plenty more on Final Fantasy VII Remake in between now and its release date, but in the meantime, you might want to start clearing out some space on that PS4 hard drive.