Buy your own NASA space glove wearing robotic hand on eBay

Something about this robotic hand is creepy to me. It reminds me of that severed appendage that crawled around trying to strangle Michael Cain in the old horror flick "The Hand." Creepy or not this is a piece of robotics history called the Omni-Hand I and was the first motorized dexterous robot hand.

The thing was built by NASA contract by Mark Rosheim in the 1990's. Apparently, only two prototype hands were ever made and this one on eBay is complete and functioning and has its own custom-made NASA space glove.

The hand has ball and socket joints for maximum mobility. The auction includes the base, glove, power box, motion controller, extra power box, hand control software for PC and a copy of a book called Robot Evolution: The Development of Anthrobotics that has details about the hand. You can buy it for $18,750.