Buy Your Kids a Porsche…Bobsled

Christina Crouch - Dec 3, 2007

It’s that time of year, the snow is coming and there’s no stopping it. That is, unless you live in some year round warm little place of heavenly sunshine. For adults the snow can be burdening and troublesome, but for kids it’s well… a winter wonderland.

The people of Porsche have designed a new sledge that’s good for kids and class. The Porshe Kinderbob comes with a silver base and red details. You’ll get handbars for a safe grip, damping, metal runners and even a horn! Those others kids with their wimpy plastic roll up sleds better watch out!

The Kinderbob retails for around $115 from the Porsche Design website. If you can’t afford to give yourselves a Porsche, you should definitely think about getting one for your child!

Porshe Bobsled [via GeekAlerts]

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