Buy This, Not That: Amazon Kindle vs. iRex iLiad

We're trying out something new on SlashGear today. It's called "Buy This, Not That" and with it we hope to focus in on two similar products and give you the lowdown on which is the better buy. You with us so far? Good, let's dive right in.

Let's start off with the e-book reader everyone knows about already. The Amazon Kindle has gotten quite a bit of press already, but for many, it is the only e-book reader they've ever heard of. That makes it as likely a place to start as any.

The Amazon Kindle has:

  • 6.0" screen
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 600x800 resolution
  • Wireless access through Sprint's EVDO network
  • Support for MSWord, HTML, TXT, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PRC and MOBI files
  • Up to a week of battery life
  • Capacity to store 200 un-illustrated books
  • $359 price tag


Other features include the ability to annotate passages of text, underline text and make notes to yourself. You can look up words in the dictionary as you read and save your place for later. You can also buy books on the device and begin reading them right away. You can also read newspapers, access Wikipedia and email documents to read on the device. 

Now, let's take a look at the iRex iLiad, shall we?

It has:


  • 8.1" screen
  • Wacom-based touch screen
  • 768x1024 resolution
  • Built-in wireless technology
  • Support for PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, BMP, PNG, and PRC files.
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life during use. 
  • Capacity to store 80 books
  • $699 price tag


What's neat about the iRex iLiad is that you can use a stylus to make handwritten notes on pages of a book. You can also make sketches and write documents with the device. It's compatible for reading documents as well. 

Both the Kindle and the iLiad use electronic paper displays, making them easy on the eyes. They're both lightweight and provide you with functionality, though in different forms. However, both products are lacking when it comes to what could have been included here. The Kindle is limited in its functions. You can only access certain sites with it, for instance. And while the iLiad provides great functionality, it doesn't take advantage of this, leaving many users poking and prodding at it in confusion. Plus, it's very expensive. If it lived up to its promises, the iRex model would be a clear winner and perhaps worth the extra cash, but it's not there yet. 

Buy This: Amazon Kindle 

Why?: Because it's cheaper and does what it says it will do. Granted, there's great room for improvement here, but the extended battery life and seamless use with make it the logical choice for those looking for an easy way to read on the go.