Butterfinger Wants To Bring Back Excessive Touchdown Celebrations

If you had millions of people watching you as you pulled off a play that could win the big game, what would you do? Would you calmly nod your head and walk off the field, as if it were nothing? Or would you celebrate? Well, if you're playing in the NFL, celebrating a touchdown can be a big no-no. But one company wants to change that for the biggest of the big games.

The NFL believes that excessively celebrating is "unsportsmanlike." But let's face it, it's only human to want to celebrate something big. Butterfinger wants to bring back those celebrations, and is willing to pay off any NFL fines that a player might rack up during the final three games of the season. The resulting celebrations will lend to their big Super Bowl campaign, dubbed "Bolder than Bold."

To kick things off, Butterfinger got comedian Billy Eichner and Terrell Owens to take to the streets, to see just how bold people are. It's worth a watch, if only to see Parks and Rec's Billy Eichner slowly descend into madness as he accosts random strangers over the course of four minutes. Check it out below.

Butterfinger has made it a point to state that they are in no way affiliated with the NFL, for obvious legal reasons.