Butt Crack Buddy Picture Frame

Every person with a desk needs that one desk accessory that causes people to do a double take. Mine happens to be a skeleton bobble head wearing a top hat and a suit. This picture frame not only holds your pictures, it holds the frame between the little man's cheeks.

As horribly wrong as I find the picture frame, I find myself with the urge to purchase one for myself. The guy can also hold a pencil or pen in his arms or you can switch out the frame with a notepad.

The frame from the design town is only $15, at the moment they are only available in green. How can you resist him when Design Town says something like "Look at him, bending over just for you!!!". Personally I was sold by that phrase alone.

Butt Crack Buudy picture frame crack your butt with laughter [via gizmodiva]