Burnout Crash comes to Xbox 360 and PS3

EA has announced that the latest Criterion video game is on Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade on the Playstation Network for the PS3 console and is called Burnout Crash. The video game is $9.99 for PS3 owners and 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 gamers. The game seems to be based on the Crash Mode in Burnout Paradise. The game has six different locations for players to enjoy.

There are also three different game modes and 18 different crash junctions. The different zones and junctions force a different set of tactics to rack up the most points. If you get the game on the Xbox 360, it will support controls with the Kinect.

Kinect Party Play allows for up to 14 players in a game split into teams using turn-based play. Using gesture controls the players can crash and destroy things in the game. This game sounds interesting and should be available right now.