Burglar Blaster: Motion-triggered pepper spray, for when sirens aren't enough [Video]

Generally, we advise against filling your home or office with pepper spray, but if you're particularly paranoid about burglars breaking in and vigorously ransacking your belongings then perhaps this is the gadget for you. The Burglar Blaster is a movement-triggered automatic pepper spray, which – if you don't shut it off within 40 seconds – will fill a 2,000 square feet space with eye and throat mauling gas.Video demo after the cut

Battery powered – it'll apparently last for up to four years on a single set – the Burglar Blaster can be set to give between 0 and 40 seconds grace before triggering, and there's a warning tone to remind you to slot your key in. After setting, it gives owners 90 seconds to exit.

There's also a 12V trigger for hooking up other accessories; alarms and lights are suggested, but we reckon most owners will opt for killer attack pigs wearing gas masks and with poison-tipped tusks. The Burglar Blaster is available now, priced at $600.

[via OhGizmo]