Burger King's all-black burger: surprisingly tasty

Food dyed unnatural colors — we've seen it before, and we'll see it again, but that never quite quells the reaction such foods produce: eww. Such has largely been the response to Burger King's new all-black hamburger, but as with all things, the eyes can be deceiving.

The Kuro burger, as it's called, is available from Burger King in Japan for 480Y, and with it comes things you wouldn't ordinarily consider eating: black buns, black cheese, and a black sauce covering a black pepper beef patty.

According to the Associated Press, Burger King is using bamboo charcoal to color the buns and cheese, and is using squid ink in its onion/soy sauce combination. The Kuro Diamond burger is the same, adding some mayo and veggies into the mix.

So, the big question: how does it taste? Very tasty, as it turns out, with a distinct black pepper flavor. If you can get past the unappealing color, you'll find a burger that is pretty much like any other burger in all the right ways.