Burger King WhopperCoin cryptocurrency is real and it’s only in Russia

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 28, 2017, 5:40 pm CDT
Burger King WhopperCoin cryptocurrency is real and it’s only in Russia

Burger King has decided to launch its own cryptocurrency and it is called ‘WhopperCoin.’ The currency, which is something like bitcoin, only far less valuable, is given to customers as a prize of sort for buying a Whopper hamburger. The cryptocurrency has only launched in Russia, and it is being referred to as a ‘blockchain loyalty program.’ Whether it will launch in other countries is unclear.

The WhopperCoin is, of course, named after the franchise’s Whopper burger, and it is that burger that will earn you the digital currency (if you buy it in Russia, that is). The entire thing is being hosted on the Waves platform, and there are currently 1 billion WhopperCoins in existence. The company says it may issue more if necessary in the future. For every rouble customers spend, they get a single WhopperCoin.

The digital currency can then be exchanged at the stores for future burgers. It takes 1,700 WhopperCoins to get a single Whopper sandwich, though; assuming a Whopper costs somewhere around 400 rouble, that means customers will get a free burger for every 4 to 5 burgers they purchase. The currency can also be exchanged with others, so if you know someone particularly fond of Burger King, you may be able to share your points with them.

It’s a bit odd that Burger King chose to launch the currency in Russia, which has historically been hostile toward cryptocurrencies. However, the country hasn’t shown any signs of opposing the business plan, and it may serve as a launch pad for future WhopperCoin roll outs. Whether stores located in other countries will accept the currency is yet to be seen.

SOURCE: Waves Community

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