Bungie says it won't be at E3 officially

If you are counting the days until E3 kicks off this year in hopes to hear more about the upcoming projects from Halo developers Bungie, you're going to be sad. Bungie has announced that it will not be at E3 in any official capacity. Furthermore, the game developers say not to expect any announcements at the show.

A post about E3 on the official Bungie Blog stated that some folks from the company will be on hand at the game conference, but they will be perusing boots rather than working officially. The details we've heard about the upcoming Bungie project are very scant. Those few tidbits surfaced from court documents filed as part of a lawsuit between Activision and the former heads of Infinity Ward.

Those details showed that Bungie has a 10-year contract with Activision requiring four sci-fi, action shooter video games. The first of those games is expected to launch in 2013. There are no details on the games at this point other than they're being made under codename Destiny. Gamers are certainly expecting big things from Destiny and the Halo developers.

[via USA Today]