Bungie is Looking for Beta Testers, You Could be One

Evan Selleck - Nov 19, 2010
Bungie is Looking for Beta Testers, You Could be One

If you’re someone who wants to be involved in something slightly secret, and be one of the first to know about an upcoming projects from one of the most high-profile video game developers in the world, then here’s your shot to make it happen. Bungie has formally announced that the developer is opening up a casting-call of sorts. What they’re looking for? Someone to fill in the Beta Tester shoes. And, surprisingly enough, the process is a pretty straight forward one.

To get started, you’ll need to do some editing to your profile. Just head into the settings, and edit the profile. You’ll find a small box you can select that will opt you in for a chance to become a Bungie Beta Tester. You have to make sure that your Bungie Profile is active, which it should be if you’re editing it. But, most importantly, you’ll need to make sure that your email is Valid/Active. If it isn’t, it won’t even be possible for you to get the email confirmation that you’ve been selected.

Obviously, there’s no word on what, exactly, you’ll be doing. But, Bungie does say that you’ll be on the ground floor, for new playlist tests, as well as Alpha and Beta tests of an upcoming, unannounced game. But, as you can imagine, the developer can’t choose everyone that signs up. So, go through the process, and then cross your fingers. You could be the next Bungie Beta Tester.

[via Bungie]

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