Bully puckers up and causes offence

Now normally I'd leave gaming news to our resident thumb-twitcher Ben Nied, but all the furore over Take Two Interactive Software Inc.'s latest headline-grabber Bully has really tickled me.  Most likely still laughing over the outrage caused by previous release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (laughing all the way to the bank, that is, with the game netting them $1.5billion since its release in 2001), Take Two have managed to again rile conservatives by including a number of gay kisses in amongst Bully's back-to-school clique-climbing.  Check out the pixel-boy-on-boy action after the cut.Bully works by not only brawling with others but by winning affection through handing out bunches of flowers and candy in exchange for kisses, and it's central character Jimmy Hopkins' willingness to get it on with either gender that has got critics hot under the collar.  Having endured a whole lot of hassle from anti-violence campaigners protesting about the game's fight scenes, Take Two are now bearing the brunt of homophobia too.  Still, if the success of Grand Theft Auto is anything to go by, this could just be another case of "any publicity is good publicity".Gamemaker courts new controversy – boys kissing [Reuters]