Bully launched on Android and iOS: here's why you need it

Bully is a game made by Rockstar Games for game console, ported now to the Android universe for mobile users. This game was great when it was first released, and now that it's time for mobile, it's being re-launched with all components at once. Instead of waiting for DLC to be released, this game comes with all "unlockable" items from the title's console run already in the game. This is a game that's more than worth the few bucks it costs, and perfect for long trips to grandma's house for Christmas.

What's great about this game is its freedom to roam around and do whatever one wishes. This isn't the only game like this on the mobile platform – there's also several Grand Theft Auto game ports, Minecraft, and Goad Simulator to name a few. This game remains unique in its half-serious treatment of a storyline that revolves around 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins.

Hopkins is the character the player will control. In the game, Hopkins bashes his way through prep school, taking on jocks, bullies, and especially vicious teachers alike.

Mini-games assist in keeping the game lighthearted and interesting. One of these mini-games is a frog dissection race – for those with the stomach for it. There's also a mini-game where Hopkins helps a flying squirrel destroy all interlopers – that's a game called Nut Shots.

This game was developed in conjunction with War Drum Studios. That's the same studio that worked with Rockstar to bring all previous Grand Theft Auto games to mobile platforms. They're also responsible for the greatest mobile game ever made: Auralux.

This game works with both touch controls and physical controls, depending on which you've got available. This game is available from the Google Play app store and the Apple Appstore for a cool $7 USD. Check Rockstar Games other titles for several of the first Grand Theft Auto games, too.