BulletDVR racing Camcorder/Lap Timer

Ever wanted a good, easy solution to recording your races from a first person point of view? Well the BulletDVR has your back with its little black box and camera combo.

The little black box stores the video, does all the encoding and such, and can even offer up lap times, jetting, gearing, suspension, and fuel consumption info. The camera is fairly small but the most important thing is it is unaffected by vibration, a major problem with putting cameras in racing vehicles.

The pair can record video onto your choice of CF cards at a resolution up to 720x480 in mpeg2/mpeg4 formats. It better be worth it for you though, because the starting price of $749 before the cost of the CompactFlash card is pretty steep.

Bullet DVR for serious racers [via crunchgear]