Built offers new neoprene protective cases for computers and cameras

I don't know about you, but when I get a new notebook or DSLR, I want to keep them safe. The gear is very expensive and fragile, one drop or hard bump and your new gear can be history. Most cases for computers and cameras are made out of canvas or nylon, if you want something different Built has a new line of cases for you.Built is offering new cases sized for notebooks, netbooks, and DSLR cameras that are made from neoprene. Neoprene is good for absorbing shock and bumps while looking good as well. Among the new neoprene cases is a Cargo Travel Organizer that has four compartments inside with contrasting colors for carrying things like AC adapters and cables or other accessories.

The medium and large cargo camera bags have for or six interior compartments depending on the size and are large enough to store DSLR cameras. A large soft shell case is sized for long zoom lens cameras and has an adjustable shoulder strap. Built also offer notebook sleeves that will fit up to 17-inch laptops and the line goes down to 11.6-inch size for netbooks.