Build your own gaming console - XGS Micro Kit

It's not a big secret among my friends that I aspire to create video games some day. I'm still a long way off from reaching that goal. But it's also not a huge secret that I love modding and DIY projects. Now I've found something that could satisfy both of my hobbies.

The XGS is basically a DIY game console kit. Now don't get too excited, its hardware isn't quite up to snuff with todays consoles. Ok, it's not up to snuff with the consoles of 10 years ago, but it's still cool.

It comes with with everything that you'll need to put together your own system. Not to mention, it gives you the tools you need to program your own games into it. Granted, you'll need to know what you're doing to actually create the game

XGS Micro Kit – DIY game console [via ohgizmo]