Build your own Digg button

Do you submit stories to Digg hoping that one day you might have one hit the front page? We all do, but the sad truth is that most stories won't get more than a handful of diggs. Here's a cool digg counter that will make sure you'll get all the diggs you want.

It's a simple counter with a button. Just press the button and it will say "dug" and your count will increase by 1. There is a catch here, two actually. You're only going to get 999 diggs at most. Also, this is more of a project than product. So you'll need some fairly basic skills to put it together.

Don't worry, they were good enough to sell a kit with all of the parts you need. The kit runs only $15 and you can get black or clear covers for an extra $5. Now you don't have to bug your friends with messages to "digg this!".

Digg it! The ultimate diggbait [via ladyada]