Buick adds support for Pandora radio as standard feature

Shane McGlaun - Oct 18, 2011, 6:20am CDT
Buick adds support for Pandora radio as standard feature

I think many people are like me and since the mid to late 80’s have thought about Buick as the sort of car that grandparents would own. I haven’t seen anything that Buick makes that was appealing to me since the 1987 Grand National. Buick is trying to work its way out of the idea in younger people’s minds that it makes cars for old people. One of the ways it is doing that is by making cars that look and perform better.

Buick is also working to get tech into the cars that younger and more tech savvy drivers demand. One of the tech items that Buick is adding to its cars is Pandora radio. Pandora will be featured in the Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse in 2012 and all 2013 models will have Pandora. The web radio service will be available to drivers using connectivity to their own smartphone.

The Buick cars have a 7-inch or 8-inch touchscreen inside with high resolution. The driver can connect the smartphone to the screen and car via Bluetooth or USB. Once connected, the driver can access Pandora stations and music using the touchscreen, voice control, or the steering wheel buttons for control the content.

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