BUGbase WiFi ships in Europe

Geeks really like to make their own electronic devices, we also tend to build our own computers and we tweak our mobile phones. Those of us in the U.S. have been able to get the BUGbase for a while now, even though it lacked WiFi. However, fans in Europe could not get the BUGbase, until now.

Bug has announced that its BUGbase WiFi is now shipping to Europe with integrated WiFi. The delay in shipping the device out of the U.S. was due to certification requirements and open source licensing issues. Those problems are behind the firm now though.

The version of BUGbase shipping to Europe has Bluetooth and WiFi and is RoHS and CE compliant. Other improvements in the new version include a new friction-fit cocking connector and improved power management. For those who already own the WiFi lacking original, a standalone WiFi module will be released soon. The BUGbase WiFi sells for $449 with the BUG bundle selling for $749.