Bug Labs And Ford Team Up For In-Car Connectivity Innovation

Bug Labs has been around for a long time with its cool modular system that allows the user to build all sorts of things using a modular system that makes prototyping a snap. People have built all manner of things and once AT&T and other carriers started to offer 3G modems giving connectivity to the gear made with the Bug Labs kits, things were even more interesting. Ford and Bug Labs have announced that they have teamed up.

The partnership between the two companies is aimed at allowing developers to prototype solutions for socially networked in-car connectivity. The idea is that the Bug Labs system lets the developer prototype the gear for inside the car use to be sure it works as they want and then they can move to making the finished product. Since anyone can buy the Bug Labs kits this will also open the door for custom devices that will connect with the car.

The collaboration was announced at the TechCrunch disrupt conference and uses OpenXC based on the Bug System from Bug Labs. The system allows the car owner to make just about any custom interface or accessory for vehicle with all sorts of modular and easy to use Bug Labs hardware and software. The idea is that Ford can sell or rent hardware and software modules through dealerships or other channels and offer developer resources to allow endless customization. Ford may also use an app store model to sell drivers cool and interesting upgrades and new features for their cars all based on Bug Labs hardware and software.