Buffalo TurboUSB Flash Stick has Larger Capacity Than Dual Layer HD-DVD

When muslix64 from Doom9 cracked the HD-DVD content protection (AACS) I doubt he was planning to duplicate the 30GB hd content on a USB stick. But now he can. The latest flash jumpdrive from Buffalo reach 32Gb of storage space and features ultra fast TurboUSB that boosts transfer speeds 20 percent past other external flash drives. It supports wide range of OS and comes with password protected automated backups program for Windows user. It has size of W19×H14×D91mm and weighs in 20g.

Unlike Kanguru, the 32GB Buffalo USB stick, modeled SHD-U32GS doesn't cost arms and legs. Japan is expected to get the goodies (like always) in next few days at an equivalent price of $286. That's about 5 times cheaper than the Kanguru at first launch! I can't wait to try 'friend of mine' huge collection of achieved HD-DVD with this tiny little jumpdrive, it would be slash-cool.

SHD-U32GS, a new 32GB TurboUSB memory Card [via akihabara]