Buffalo to release HD-MU2 drives for the Mac

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 13, 2007

I remember a time not that long ago when it seemed like you had to search high and low just to find accessories or peripherals for your Mac. These days it’s still easier to find things that work on a PC, but Apple is getting plenty of lovin from device manufacturers such as Buffalo.

Buffalo has introduced their HU-MU2 series of external hard drives for the Mac. You can get them in flavors of 320GB, 500GB and a whopping 1TB. One of the features that they are boasting is Turbo USB. Apparently when this is enabled it can increase transfer speeds by up to 33%.

Here’s an interesting fact, it’s only going to be available in Japan when it launches later this month, with no US release currently slated. I was under the impression that Apple was doing poorly in the Japanese market, so it’s interesting that Buffalo would only release this product in that region.

Buffalo HD-MU2 – 1TB Hard-Drive for the Macs [via gadgetizer]

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