Buffalo MicroStation SSD: USB solid-state storage

Chris Davies - Sep 8, 2008

Buffalo have unveiled their latest MicroStation portable storage solution, and this time around the company has used SSD rather than a traditional hard-drive.  Available in three capacities – 32GB, 64GB and 100GB – the MicroStation SSD is USB powered, with no external PSU required, and the cable itself wraps around the drive when not in use.

Buffalo are claiming up to 35MB/s data transfer speeds with TurboUSB, along with the usual benefits of SSDs: low power demands and high resistance to shocks and vibration.  In fact the company goes one better, with the outer casing of the MicroStation SSD being shock-resistant itself.

Backup software from Memeo is included, as well as Secure Lock Ware for encrypting the drive’s contents.  No pricing for the three drives has been given.

[via iTechNews]

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