Buddy home computer concept blends touch, projection and needlepoint

Chris Davies - Aug 4, 2009, 3:47 am CDT
Buddy home computer concept blends touch, projection and needlepoint

Nothing like a new computer concept to get us thinking, and Guy Ceder‘s “Buddy” system certainly ticks the usual boxes of slick industrial design, couch-friendly touchscreen usability and modular components.  Buddy consists of three main sections, a small portable touchscreen unit with handy hook, a larger touchscreen display with integrated projector, and a base-station with the hardware grunt and recharging elements.

Video demo after the cut

Targeted at media and data consumption more than creation, the system would allow everything from search-while-walking quick web queries and social networking checks, through to more in-depth content reading, and finally larger-scale film and video projection.  Buddy uses fabric cases and covers to bridge the gap between computer and tactile decorative item, something you see with moderate frequency in concepts but far less often in production devices.

Obvious issues would be price and battery life, and Ceder is quiet on suggested specifications for the devices, but we can certainly imagine an HTPC media-center core unit using WiFi draft-n to deliver content to the handheld units.  Best thing is, the technology is already out there to make it happen.


[via Designboom]

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