Brydge turns your iPad into a little MacBook Air

There's certainly nothing new about a keyboard case for the iPad. In fact, not too long ago Logitech unveiled its own similar product called the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. We've already reviewed the product and found it to be very nice. A new product has turned up on Kickstarter called the Brydge and at least to my eyes it's a much more attractive and interesting product.

It has a more squared-off design, and that looks more like the original iPad than some sort of tacked on keyboard dock. One of the big claims to fame for the Brydge is that you can attach the keyboard dock and once attached even if you pick the works up by the iPad and shake it around, it grips tight. The hinge of the keyboard clicks onto the iPad and allows for 180° of movement position the iPad just right.

The keyboard body is made from aluminum and when you close the keyboard, it and iPad go to sleep to save power. It will be offered with or without speakers. The Kickstarter project is seeking $90,000 in funding and already has 389 backers with $76,667 pledged. The project has 90 days to go. If you pledge at least $170, you can get one of the Brydge keyboards without speakers. If you want one with speakers, it will cost you $210. Delivery is estimated to be in October of this year.