Brydge 11 MAX+ wireless keyboard turns the iPad Pro into a proper laptop

iPad Pro owners who want to use the slate as a primary device may be interested in Brydge's new 11 MAX+, a wireless keyboard and trackpad combo that connects with Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro tablets, as well as the 4th-generation iPad Air model. With the combo, users can easily transport the iPad with a keyboard and trackpad, enjoying a laptop-like experience.

The new Brydge 11 MAX+ is exactly what it looks like: a keyboard with a built-in trackpad that wirelessly connects with the 11-inch iPad Pro or 4th-gen iPad Air. The tablet seamlessly fits into the keyboard's shell via its Magnetic SnapFit Case, which is basically a magnetic back cover.

The keyboard features backlit keys with three levels of brightness, plus there's instant-on connectivity that promises an immediate wireless connection with the slate. The trackpad, meanwhile, is larger than the version found on the company's 11.0 Pro+ model, offering native multi-touch support for seamless use with iPadOS.

The case material (the part where the iPad attaches) is made of plastic, while the keyboard is made from aluminum and offered in two different colors: Space Gray and White. Though there are competing products on the market, one of the key features found on the Brydge product is the hinge, offering a truly laptop-like experience.

Though the iPad Pro still isn't positioned to compete with Mac laptops, this keyboard offers the closest thing iPad users can get a laptop-like experience at this time. The 11 MAX+ wireless keyboard is available to preorder from Brydge now for $199.99 USD. The model will start shipping in September.