Broadcom BCM21551

That number likely means nothing to you, but to the mobile phone industry it could mean a 3G iPhone. That up there is the model number of a new Broadcom chip that combines 3G and a host of other features in an all-in-one chip.

How could Apple not use this chip? I mean, if there is a reason, a good one, they will find it, and we will be happy they didn't, but seriously. This chip combines 3G HSDPA @ 7.2Mbps, HSUPA @ 5.8Mbps, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and some other legacy connections.

That's not it, there are also some graphics functions available, such as image processing for up to 5MP and up to 30FPS video and video-out support, all in one chip, which should not only save power, but money. That feature set is all packed into one chip for $23, which is about half the price of the current multi-chip technologies that most handsets are using.

So, I don't know enough about electrical engineering, but with the combined advancements in battery technologies and the lower power usage available with this chip, Mr. Jobs could see that 5+ hour battery life he was looking for in a 3G iPhone, and that combined with a new 16GB flash drive for the iPhone, that could take the iPhone from the Jesus Phone to the God Phone, or somewhere thereabouts, I don't want to be too terribly sacreligous.

Broadcom develops all-in-one 3G phone chip [via macnn]