British Pensioner has felt tip pen removed from stomach after 25 years

Here is a bit of morning strange for you all. As the story goes a British pensioner was trying to inspect her tonsils 25 years ago using a felt tip pen to push her tongue down. Apparently, the woman slipped whilst the pen was in her mouth and swallowed it down her gullet. She told her husband and he took her to the doctor.

X-rays and scans taken back in 1986 showed nothing pen like hiding in the body. The woman later left and then forgot about the pen for 25 years. Recently she was seen by a doctor for some severe stomach pain and on inspection to find the cause of the pain, the doctors found that felt tip pen neatly lodged inside the woman's stomach after 25 years.

The docs performed a procedure with an endoscope that was sent down her gullet into the stomach and removed the pen. The most surprising part to the team of docs was that once removed the pen still worked and was in good order after all those years of being pelted with food and sitting in stomach acid. I wonder if they used the pen to write her prescriptions. I can only imagine the number of I told you so's that she lashed her husband with after having that pen removed. The stomach pain had nothing to do with the pen; it was a common condition among the elderly called diverticulitis.

[via Telegraph]