Brighton Net Microphone Gets Shrunken

Well, if your computer had a front side mic port, or if you have a headphone cable extension, you can use this mic. Otherwise, I would steer clear as its ultra-compact size prevents it from being useful from the backside of a computer.

This microphone measures at 23x22mm and I am sure one of those dimensions is skewed by the length of the microphone's male adapter. For those trying to pack light, this wonderful little gadget will add a mere four grams of weight.

Sure, a microphone this small, and with its omni directional microphone could be used to spy, but no one would dare do something like that right? Besides, the Bright Net super mini-microphone is best suited for use with one of the many online voice chatting programs such as Skype.

Brighton Net super mini-microphone [via fareastgizmos]