Bright Blind - The Faux Window

I guess I'm rather lucky when it comes to cubicle settings, I just happen to have two windows in my view so I don't know what it's like to be "trapped in a cubicle". However, I'm sure those of you who do will appreciate this prototype by Makoto Hirahara.

The Bright Blind gives you a sense of the outside world (Resident Evil anyone?) using electroluminescent sheets. And if your fake window is pouring in too much sunlight, a simple adjusting of the blind will turn it down for you.

Honestly, I have to say this falls into the category of "one of the smartest ideas or dumbest ideas ever" because while I can see it wants to say "the world is just a blind away" I can also hear "but it's still out of your reach". That being said, I think looks pretty nifty and I would use it in a non-office related area.

A Fake Window That Really Works (Sort of) [via Coolest Gadgets]