Bridgestone AeroBee Flexible E-Paper Shown off in Video

Bridgestone is a Japanese company best known for making tires. Last year they developed a QR-LPD, Liquid Powder display. Lately they've been working on blowing up the size of their displays. The largest? An A3 sized display with a resolution of 1920x2560. That's the size of two sheets of standard printer paper side-by-side. That's more than big enough for almost any task I can think of. Since they showed us those babies last year, they've improved the technology greatly and built them into some working tablet prototypes.

DigInfo News captured this video at Finetech Japan. Bridgestone is demoing the AeroBee eReader using QR-LPD technology. If you haven't heard about this stuff before it uses a black and white electrified powder suspended between two electrified plates of glass or plastic. Because they can also put it in plastic these displays can be made to be flexible or placed on curved surfaces.

The tablet shown in this video is running an ARM 11 processer @533MHz with 128Mbyte of RAM. It also has 4GB of iNAND for storage. They slapped a Linux 2.6.24 kernel in there and a few different demonstration programs, and I'm impressed. The response time of this display looks to be completely flawless the paint-by-numbers style application. When can I get one?

[via CrunchGear]