BrickHouse Global Watchman rugged remote CCTV camera

We've seen cellularly-enabled CCTV cameras before – capable of shooting images across the mobile networks and directly to your cellphone – but never have they been so droid-like in their design.  BrickHouse Security's motion-activated Global Watchman is a ruggedized 1.3-megapixel camera with onboard battery and IR flash for discretely illuminating nighttime scenes.Video demo after the cut

There's also a Sprint modem stuffed inside, too, so as soon as the Global Watchman spots any movement it can snap a quick shot and not only save it to the CF card (not supplied) but send it directly to you.  Then you can watch in horror at a huge distance, while vandals and thieves make off with your precious belongings.

We're not entirely sure whether 1.3-megapixels is enough – though it's likely more than a regular CCTV system would offer – and it's unclear how long the "long-lasting" battery actually manages, but it certainly looks impressive in a waterproof, retro-Star Wars sort of way.  It's available now for $599.95; photo plans are either monthly subscriptions or pay-per-shot.