Brexit voters Googling "What is the EU?" after voting Leave

Google says top searches in UK following Brexit vote inquire what the European Union actually is. What better time to find information on the EU, the subject that you JUST voted on, than right after the vote has been cast? It's like interviewing someone after you've hired them with a lifelong contract. It's like drinking a glass of liquid, asking what was inside only after you've swallowed.

It's like closing your eyes, driving your car until you've crashed, then opening your eyes to assess the damages. Better than that, it's like driving your vehicle directly into a wall, then blaming the wall for being solid. THEN expressing surprise that nobody warned you.

Other questions on the list of questions asked by people in the UK of Google since voting results were officially announced include the following, in order of most-asked:

1. What does it mean to leave the EU?

2. What is the EU?

3. Which countries are in the EU?

4. What will happen now we've left the EU?

5. How many countries are in the EU?

So people who voted on this referendum didn't know what they were voting on.

That's just one possibility.

The other possibility here is that the people that voted in the election are not the same people that use the internet. Or that the people that use the internet thought about voting, but didn't know enough about the European Union to express their opinion on the subject.

They've gone and left the voting to the people who felt strongly enough to go to vote – that's the long and short of it. It's not necessarily the people who know exactly what'll happen when the vote is cast that vote the most – it's simply the people who go to vote who decide how the vote will go.

We hope that when the USA votes for the President of the United States this November that the biggest search term in our country isn't "Who is this candidate and what do they stand for?"

Instead we hope you head to Google NOW and attempt to find out everything you can about the candidates and subjects you'll be voting on later this year. Don't let your country's democracy be railroaded by people who vote without knowing what they're voting for.