Breathometer indiegogo campaign will fund in 48 hours

We have talked about the interesting little Breathometer a couple times in the past. This device is the world's first smartphone breathalyzer. The idea is that when people go out to eat and drink with their friends, they can take the Breathometer with them and use it to determine if they've had too much to drink.

The last time we talked about the little device it had raised a little bit over $80,000 and had another 18 days to go. The campaign now has only 48 hours left and will fund on Saturday, 13 April. So far, the project has raised $131,011. That means it raised enough money to get one of the stretch goals added to encourage additional pledges.

At $100,000, the people behind the Breathometer project promised to add what they call a safety net. That safety net creates a one-click calling feature for friends and local taxi services. I can see that being useful if someone is too intoxicated to work the numbers on their smartphone.

With a couple days left in the program, there is a chance he could reach the $150,000 level, which will add four additional colors to the mix. At $200,000, the developers of the project promised to add a feature to help stop drunk texting. You can still pledge $100 and get your own Breathometer by July 2013. If you're in no hurry, a pledge of $20 will get you one devices by January 2014. The project was originally seeking $25,000.

[via Indiegogo]