Breakfix – What’s in a name?

Chris Scott Barr - May 25, 2007

I’m the kind of guy that can eat breakfast any time of the day. That may have something to do with not waking up before the crack of noon, but then again I’ve always enjoyed pancakes for dinner. One particular food that I can eat any time is cereal. It’s usually more of a snack than a meal, but it really depends on my mood.

For those of you that eat cereal as frequently as I, you have likely noticed just how difficult it is to pour the precise amount of cereal to make a full bowl. Too much and it overflows when you pour in the milk, too little and your marshmallows are just floating around. That’s why the good people at Skymall are offering the Breakfix (seriously, who’s going to buy something named break fix?). With just the press of a button, you’ll get the perfect amount of cereal in your bowl every time. Wait, what size bowl? I have about 5 different sizes of bowls in my house, not including the other random containers I use when I haven’t done the dishes in a while. Maybe it’s so technilogically advanced that it knows what size bowl you put under it. No, probably not.

I’m not sure that I trust a machine to tell me just how much cereal I need to put in my bowl. Yes, it might be nice to just dump your entire box in the gadget and be done with it, but I’ve never really had a problem pouring out cereal. And I like to take the box with me sometimes (all the time) so I’m not going to walk back into the kitchen every time I want a bowl of cereal. As much as I think it is unnecessary, I’m sure parents will enjoy it because it will make it easier for kids to pour their cereal each morning. Now if only there was a device to pour out the proper amount of milk into a bowl…

Breakfix Cereal Dispenser [via Gizmodo]

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