Breakfast on the Go with Bikefast

Christina Crouch - Dec 11, 2007

I don’t really eat breakfast because I sleep until eleven most days but I remember when I was in school and it was the most important meal of the day. I don’t recall ever skipping on breakfast because it’s not hard to walk, ride a bike, or bus while eating a Poptart but I could see how some people might have a dilemma.

Dilemma or not the Bikefast is completely silly. It comes with a tray and a cup holder so you can ride your bike and have your meal without worrying about dropping it or whatever. I know it’s supposed to be helpful but it just looks dorky, even for a dork me.


Philipp Drexler, I give you props for trying. It was a great try and it seems like it’d be helpful but any kid who needs to save time by having one of these is only speeding up the moment he’s going to get beat up for being a nerd.

Never Miss Breakfast With Bikefast [via Yanko Design]

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